Mobile Apps & Desktop Players

Easy access from all mobile, social, & digital platforms

Custom Desktop Players

We give you options! We have a number of customized players to meet your needs across your digital,social, and mobile platforms. Mobile apps are available for all iPhone and Android smartphones and devices. There are a number of revenue generating opportunities for clients including banners, videos, coupons, and more. Listeners can interact with a variety of apps and tools including chat, games, and song requests. It's easy to embedded your apps in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networks. You can also link podcast and ondemand features including secondary channels. All players across all major browsers.

Mobile Apps

Offer listeners free branded mobile streaming apps to listen to your stream on the go. The apps are fully customizable and offer full advertising control. You can really brand your name, create credibility and build loyalty with these listener-interactive apps.

IOS & Android APPS

Mobile PlayersWe will give you free mobile streaming apps to provide to your listeners (Android and iOS). You can really brand your name, create credibility and build loyalty with these listener-interactive apps that stream your station and broadcast in high-quality HE-AACv2 or MP3. You can upload your own pre-roll ads (banner, audio, video) and banners in the apps, or choose to turn the ad space over to our Ad Delivery Network where we insert ads from major advertisers and share in the revenue.

Once your apps are live in the App Store and Google Play, simply link to them on your website and player to start promoting!



Desktop PlayerDesktop player with full advertising control, menu with listener-interactive features, top menu buttons, album art and song info, and much more. Built with cross-browser compatibility in mind, it will ensure maximum desktop reach and functionality.




Desktop PlayerFully interactive hyper-media player with endless song and artist data plus auto playlist. Listeners can fully engage and learn everything they ever wanted to know about any artist. As an HTML5 responsive player, it looks great on all desktops and devices. Players can be easily shared on Facebook and Twitter. Players have links to give listeners easy access to your social media sites, websites, podcasts, and more.


Desktop PlayerFully customizable, responsive HTML5 player that can be embedded in your website or launched as a standalone player, universally streaming on all desktops and devices. With auto playlist, the OmniPlayer seamlessly refreshes at every song change. There are a number of configurations and options for your website.