Radio for Newspapers

Reach your customers 24/7 with your own branded radio station

Radio for Newspapers

Your customers have a busy life and can't spend 24/7 shopping, reading, or watching. But they can listen while they work or play. Reach them wherever they are, whatever they're doing, with radio. With mobile and desktop apps your brand stays top of mind with their favorite music and constant reminders of your name, your digital offerings, as well as the values and essence of your brand.

Newspaper Radio On The GoNewspaper Radio On The Go

Reach your readers wherever they are - including the car! According to an Edison Research study, "Online radio listening in cars, like listening to AM/FM stations online or streaming other online audio, continued its increase since 2010, when it was at just 6%. In 2017, 40% of U.S. cellphone owners have ever listened to online radio in a car using a phone."


Drive RevenueDrive Digital Revenue

Newspaper websites and digital products have increased from 17% to 29% from 2015 to 2016. Unique visiors are increasing a rapid rate. Newspaper Radio On The Go drives traffic from your social sites and mobile listening to your website increasing visitors and revenue.


Generate trafficDrive Traffic to Other Properties

Local and National Breaking news, Sports, Weather, and Community events mixed with music reflects content that drives further web traffic and engagement. The concept is to keep everything brief, targeted and engaging that has meaning to our entire audience. Increase traffic across all your platforms by recycling current users from mobile to social to digital. Use your website and social platforms to drive listening on your radio station on your mobile app. Newspaper Radio On The Go gives listeners reminders and specific reasons to visit all your sites.


Branded Radio On The GoIncrease Ad Effectiveness

The Radio Advertising Bureau research shows increased brand awareness occurs when radio is combined with newspaper advertising. The results in a better return for the advertisers dollar.


Targeted AudienceTargeted Audience

Our proven music format structure, research, and execution is directed by some the world's most successful radio program directors from a wide variety of formats. You have the opportunity to offer various Newspaper Radio On The Go that will capture new revenue and compete directly with the top stations in the Markets but disrupt their listener base and business model with exclusivity.


Listen in the car via mobileMobile Apps

Our mobile apps are licensed for all iPhone and Android devices. Your Newspaper Radio On The Go is easy to access across multiple platforms and devices. Apps can help build your database. There are dedicated buttons to easily access news, weather, sports, financial news, and more. There are also revenue generators including player real estate and a deals and coupons area.